Brookings Register: New Business Helping Find Success with Dyslexia

Thriving Minds was featured in the Brookings Register for Dyslexia Awareness month, which is the month of October.

“BROOKINGS – Dyslexia advocacy often comes from a personal place, a connection to someone who dealt with dyslexia firsthand. For Barb Rounds, her personal connection came by way of her son, Garret, who struggled with reading and writing in his elementary and middle school years.

As a former reading interventionist in the Brookings School District, Barb worked with students who were struggling with reading, writing and spelling. She helped students on a one-on-one basis or in small groups who were behind in their literacy. Working with these students, Barb had known about dyslexia but hadn’t done a “deep dive” into the subject. A class she took sparked her curiosity and made her think about many of the challenges Garret went through.”

-Brookings Register

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