Dyslexia IS. . .

  • A way of thinking based on visual-spatial talents
  • A three-dimensional thought process
  • Often labeled as an auditory processing or a visual perception deficiency
  • Something that can be helped at its root level
  • Both a gift and a challenge

Dyslexics. . .

  • Have vivid imaginations
  • Remember incredible details from various experiences they’ve done
  • Are smart, but often unable to prove it in school
  • Often love to build and create with their hands
  • Are creative, “out of the box,” thinkers
  • Are very curious about how/why things work
  • Think mainly in pictures
  • Avoid written instructions, yet easily complete a 3-D project
  • Experience high levels of confusion with language symbols
  • Create excellent mental thoughts, but cannot transfer thoughts to paper
  • Often become highly successful individuals

Dyslexia is NOT. . .

  • Something one “outgrows”
  • A disease
  • A process to be ashamed of
  • Best “fixed” with “tricks” and compensatory methods

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