Life Changing Experience for Our Daughter!

I have known Barb Rounds for 5 years as a Reading Specialist at Medary and as an Educator/Tutor from the Sylvan Learn Center. Currently, Barb is the new owner of Thriving Minds which is a learning center for students with dyslexia. Barb has known my daughter for over 5 years in the educational system. My daughter began to struggle with language development at an early age (Kindergarten). Needing a professional opinion, my husband and I consulted with Mrs. Rounds. She has supported, encouraged, and guided us through an overwhelm legal system by developing a 504 plan with accommodations for my daughter at school. She has brought us knowledge of specific language programs our daughter needs to reach her educational potential.

Referring our daughter to the Reading Center at Rochester, MN, we had our daughter professionally diagnosed with dyslexia: auditory and visual discrimination. Mrs. Rounds tutored our daughter with the Orton-Gillingham reading approach. This approach opened the door for our daughter. She began to understand spelling, reading, and writing. Her confidence soared. She began to teach her peers what she had just learned.

Continuing our journey to educate our daughter, Mrs. Rounds provided a full week of intense therapy by using Orton-Gillingham, and Specific Reading Strategies.  Teaching our daughter how her mind works, reading, writing, and spelling strategies, has helped our daughter understand herself and is able to implement strategies for independent learning. Her confidence has increased as well as her determination to be successful in education. Several joyful and thrilling life skills our daughter succeeded with was learning how to ride a bike, tie shoes, balance, and develop confidence to control her anxiety.

We are continuing this therapy because the benefit of having a specialized, professionally trained teacher work one-on-one is the most effective treatment. The program Mrs. Rounds created has produced reliable results that have contributed to our daughter’s long-term educational growth.

Due to Mrs. Round’s training in Orton-Gillingham, and being a Reading Specialist, there is no one in the region who has such knowledge base for students who struggle with dyslexia. I am a currently certified as an Elementary Educator, Special Educator, School Counselor, Orton-Gillingham Reading Specialist, and an ADHD Certified Specialist. I can confidently say Mrs. Rounds knows how to interact with students of all ages, has a wealth of knowledge to assist student learning, and is completely committed to students with dyslexia. We are so grateful for her guidance, help, and support with our daughter. We highly recommend Mrs. Rounds to any family whose children are currently struggling with reading or dyslexia.

Thank you, Mrs. Rounds!

Dr. George Langelett and Lara Langelett, MS

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