What is Thriving Minds?

Thriving Minds


1  prospering or doing well; highly successful

2  growing or developing vigorously; flourishing

Thriving Minds is here to serve the unique needs of a three-dimensional learner in all aspects of development. We focus on tutoring learners who are dyslexic through one-on-one instruction with Educational Consultant Barb Rounds. Barb is certified in Orton-Gillingham methods.

What is Dyslexia & How can Thriving Minds help?

Dyslexics are primarily picture-thinkers: they generally think through mental or sensory imagery, rather than using words, sentences, or internal dialogue (self-talk) in their minds.

Because this method of thinking is subliminal – faster than the person can be aware of – most dyslexics are not aware that this is what they’re doing. This is a great talent when the person is doing a creative activity. It is when this person’s brain is altering perception when involved in 2D activities such as reading, writing, spelling, and maths, etc., that the difficulties occur.

By showing the dyslexic person the techniques to control their perception, we are dealing with the cause of dyslexia – NOT just the symptoms. Symbol mastery helps to eliminate confusion with symbols and words. ​Many other interventions focus on a person's weaknesses, aiming to get these improved. At Thriving Minds, I focus on a person's strengths and use these to overcome the many confusions learners may have.

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Our Mission

Thriving Minds is here to serve the unique needs of a three-dimensional learner in all aspects of development: intellectual, physical, social, and emotional. Strategies combining creativity, tactile and kinesthetic methods, and the three-dimension are paralleled to each individual’s learning style. An environment of trust and compassion is provided that stimulates students to gain personal success en route to becoming lifelong learners.

Thriving Minds uses multi-sensory techniques along with teaching methods that are explicit to meet the students' individual needs. All instruction is one-on-one with Barb Rounds Education Consultant and Orton-Gillingham Certified.

I have known Barb Rounds for 5 years as a Reading Specialist at Medary and as an Educator/Tutor from the Sylvan Learn Center. Currently, Barb is the new owner of Thriving Minds which is a learning center for students with dyslexia. Barb has known my daughter for over 5 years in the educational system. My daughter began to struggle with language development at an early age (Kindergarten). Needing a professional opinion, my husband and I consulted with Mrs. Rounds. She has supported, encouraged, and guided us through an overwhelm legal system by developing a 504 plan with accommodations for my daughter at school. She has brought us knowledge of specific language programs our daughter needs to reach her educational potential. Read More >>

Dr. George Langelett and Lara Langelett, MS


Barb has been a tremendous help for our family in navigating our son's dyslexia diagnosis. She has expertise, not only with tutoring and working with specific needs but also with communicating with the school. I don't know what we would have done without her help!

Carrie Kuhl


Thriving Minds is the right choice for your child.  I have taught with Barb Rounds, as a Reading Interventionist, for just under 1o years. Barb creates a positive, respectful, and supportive atmosphere. You can feel a sense of calm the minute you enter Thriving Minds.  It feels like home!  She advocates for the best interest of her students and families.  Barb is able to build a quick rapport with her students by immediately making a connection with them.  It is so evident that Barb has found her true passion!  Call Barb today and give your child the greatest gift of all....the gift of Reading! 

Heidi Carstensen

Reading Interventionist
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